CRC Challenge

The Tuxedo Pandas are hosting an FLL style competition for CRC (Corporate Research Center) companies. The game is built to help with team bonding within your company.

This is going to be a SUPER FUN team building exercise for your company as well as the chance to prove that you're the best in the CRC!

We have developed the challenge elements to suit many company's attributes. You will have about three weeks to build your robot and prepare for the challenge after we unveil the challenge mat, rules, and elements which we will provide. This is proven to develop/improve teamwork within your company. We know because we've done it with Volvo and it was fantastic!

Dates and timing: Released at the end of April, Contest scheduled for June 5th at the Wiki, 2-4pm.

16 companies said they were interested at the CRC picnic-- now it's time to sign up!

See the challenge video: Official Rules: Released May 17, 10:15am