FIRST World Championship 2013 Results

Post date: Apr 30, 2013 4:35:18 PM

We are back from the 2013 FIRST World Championship! Over 20,000 individuals PACKED the Edward Jones dome (where the St Louis Rams play, seating for 80,000), and also filled the adjoining Expo Center. The Tuxedo Pandas had one of the most visited booths with our all-bamboo structure, giant Panda display with video, our outreach robot (Mr. Panda, of course), and a great souvenir stop: a Panda duo with cut-out faces for visitors to grab a quick & humorous photo, complete with the inscription, "I was at the 2013 FIRST World Championship!" The star of the show just might have been a cute little stuffed panda, rigged to continuously climb and descend a 10' bamboo pole at the front of our structure. You'd think robot-enthusiasts would be bored by such a simple mechanism, but it was a real favorite. All in all, quite a booth, continuously manned by our Pandas, eager to share our story.

Competition results: our Engineering notebook received "Excellent" ratings in over 75% of the graded categories! We are so proud of our well-documented work! We held our own in the field competition, at one time ranked in the top third. Later, field control issues held us back, so the last three matches were not favorable. Final rank was 54 out of 64 (because the 128 teams were divided into two sections). But consider this: we brought a team of 8th & 9th graders to an event dominated by older high-school students- largely seniors. And we made it to the WORLD Championship as one of only two Virginia teams selected! Our cohort team, Defying Gravity from Albemarle County, did wonderfully as well. Pictured below are both of us: 26 Pandas and 11 Defying Gravity members.

Virginia FTC Teams at the St Louis 2013 World Championship: Tuxedo Pandas and Defying Gravity!