2016 Summer Camp

Post date: Jun 4, 2016 9:56:09 PM

This Summer, we have Fun Projects for All Ages!

The Tuxedo Pandas, in the spirit of our Month-Long May Workshop in previous years, are bringing some fun in the sun shop with our newest robot projects! We're looking for kids 12 and up to come in and work with us on our Summer Robot Projects, including a new Mascot and a Steampunk Machine!

Our Summer Shop hours are 4-6PM on Fridays and 1-6PM on Saturdays. Parents and kids are both welcome (though kids under 12 cannot work on the robot with us for safety reasons, as well as the fact that FTC is aimed at Grades 7-12). If your child is here, we'd love to have parent help and mentorship here at the shop, regardless of whether you have engineering experience.

Work on the Steampunk Machine will begin as the Butler nears completion. We're also looking for talented artists, as we're working on some Outreach mats, knick-knacks to hand out at competition, and possibly some merch! Our two big summer robot projects are also going to need a lot of decorating.


As of Saturday June 11th, our Butler bot is really coming together! We've got the basics for most of the parts, but we've definitely got a long ways to go! We've got work left on every area - the Drive Train, the Torso, the Head, and of course the mechanisms all need work. However, parts of the frame - the torso to the midsection - are nearly ready to attach, and we've got basic designs for just about the full frame. After that, its on to the various features and, of course, the arms!