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The Tuxedo Pandas: FIRST Team 4924


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Our friends at Servo City have created what we have to be a more rigid and reliable building system in their Actobotics product line- a GREAT supplier of reasonably-priced robotics gears for hobby and research alike.  Can you help us?

We now use Actobotics exclusively in our robot for improved rigidity, ease of maintenance and responsive tech support. 
Actobotics Competition Kit

Nuts  $2 
Bolts  $2 
Gears   $5 
On/off Switch $7
Wheels  $10
Servo Motor Bracket, Single  $11
Chain- like bicycle chain, but smaller. $15
Bronze Bushing, bag$16
Chain Breaker tool$17
Electronics and other accessories$20
Motor Mount$20
Hitec Servo, each$13-$43
Logitech gaming controller$30
NiMH battery pack charger$34
Omni wheel (4 pack)$35
 DC Motors (we have burned a few up!)$50
12V rechargeable NiMH battery pack$50
Gear Pack, or a motor controller$80
Competition Kit from Actobotics    $585
Hotel - 3 nights at Hampton Inn, 1 room$604
World FIRST Tournament Registration Fee$1000


Actobotics technical and marketing team visits the Pandas at World Championship 2016
From left to right: Jason, Brian, Kyle, (Henry), and Laura from Actobotics visit the Pandas and review our 2016 robot, Devi Jones, at the World Championship Tournament. Their friendly technical advice helped the Tuxedo Pandas put a lot of motion in a small space!